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Friday, December 19, 2008


Testing has begun on several of the variations of the parasite. I have not been able to become involved in the testing of the effects the parasite has, but I do get a vague report of results.

So far, five of the initial variations have been scrapped. Either the parasites didn't survive, or they had no effect, or they had effects that were not desirable. Part of me wants to be there for the observation of what the parasite will do to a living creature, but the other part of me is a softie, and would probably feel sorry for the lab rats.

What will happen now is that the 3 variations that were not scrapped will be modified further. I think they will be trying a few completely new variations as well, and word is that one alternative to just the gene manipulation is to actually attempt to give the parasite some of the same genetic structures as a virus. That could be interesting.

Either way, I don't see myself ever becoming bored with this. I'm not sure any intern has ever been so eager to get up at the crack of dawn everyday to get to a lab and work. I'll keep everyone posted when the new variations are presented.

Happy Holidays!